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Turrit- base on Telegram

User-friendly Telegram: free translation, download boost, totally free.



Auto-translate, chat at will

Free auto-translation for all messages

Discover global excellence

Explore groups, channels, bots

Safe using environment

TG API-based, anti-theft, anti-malware

Why choose Turrit?

Auto-translate, smooth talk

Free AI translation, multi-translator, chat both ways


Free localization, built-in Chinese language pack

Unleash chat freedom


Global community, channel, bot picks

Quick access to massive TG content


Anti-theft, Anti-malware

Developed with TG API

One-click Privacy, Anti-theft, Anti-malware

Optional contact sync for reduced social pressure.


Clear interface, easy to use

Kshitij Mishra


Turrit is the most powerful telegram thrid pary client. I love the free translation and pure interface.

Why Choose Us

Authentic reviews from app stores

Big-faced Totoro


The content of Turrit is particularly rich! It recommends a lot of high-quality groups, channels, and bots to me! Their developers are also very enthusiastic and will reply to all user suggestions!

A16laqi chi hehe


The privacy protection feature of Turrit makes me feel at ease,

Mom no longer needs to worry about my account being stolen.

Thank you for no longer forcing the synchronization of mobile phone contacts,

No longer need to expose privacy.