Why does the telegram video keep loading

Apr 25, 2024

IM software has become an indispensable part of people's lives, and Telegram, as a popular encrypted communication application, has won the favor of users worldwide with its strong privacy protection and smooth communication experience. However, despite providing abundant functions and services, users may still encounter the problem of slow video loading when using Telegram. So, why does Telegram video keep loading?


There could be multiple reasons why Telegram video keeps loading, including insufficient network connection speed, high Telegram server load, or limitations in user device performance. To improve loading speed, users can try switching network environments to ensure stability and sufficient speed, as well as updating the Telegram software to the latest version to address technical limitations. Now, let's delve into details.

Why does Telegram video keep loading

Telegram video may keep loading due to the following reasons:

1. Network speed

Network speed directly affects the loading time of Telegram videos. For instance, high-speed internet enables fast video loading, while slow network speed leads to longer loading times. Additionally, regional differences in network infrastructure impact video loading. Developed countries with high-speed networks experience faster loading, but those in developing countries with less advanced infrastructure may encounter slow Telegram video loading issues.

2. Telegram platform issues

As a widely used instant messaging platform, Telegram's technical architecture also poses limitations when handling video data, impacting loading speed and user experience. To address this, users can optimize their network environment for stable and fast connection, update hardware and application settings to free up system resources, and regularly update the Telegram application to its latest version to resolve some technical limitations and enhance user experience.

3. User device issues

The performance of the device we use also influences Telegram video loading speed. Powerful devices with sufficient memory accelerate loading, while weaker device capabilities may hinder video loading speed. Therefore, maintaining device performance and promptly updating the device's system can enhance Telegram video loading speed.

Can third-party devices load Telegram videos?

When the official version of Telegram is slow in loading videos, some users may try using third-party software to load videos. Many users wonder if third-party software can actually improve the loading speed of Telegram videos. We recommend trying Turrit, an app authorized by Telegram, which offers functionality and security based on the official version and provides stronger features in certain aspects, making it popular among users in mainland China.

You can download and install the software from the mobile app store, log in using your Telegram account and password, and then view the desired videos. In most cases, it can help you quickly complete video loading.

Above are the reasons for why Telegram videos keep loading and the solutions. For users in mainland China, trying Turrit while using Telegram can help you make better use of Telegram for work or communication with others.