Why can't Telegram videos load?

Apr 25, 2024

When we are using telegram, fast and stable video loading is very important, but many people often encounter difficulties in loading videos when using telegram, which not only affects the user experience, but may also cause us to miss some information and exciting moments. Why can't telegram videos be loaded all the time, what is the reason for this?


After understanding, we can find that there are many reasons why telegram videos cannot be loaded, and different reasons have different solutions. The most common reason may be unstable or slow network, which prevents the video from loading smoothly. In this article, we will detail the reasons why telegram videos are not always loaded and detailed solutions.

Reasons and solutions for telegram videos not always being loaded

The reasons for slow video loading on telegram may include:

1. Network connection problem

Slow or unstable network speed may slow down video loading. It is recommended to switch to a more stable network environment or increase network bandwidth. For example, if you are using WiFi, you can try switching to mobile data to see if the problem can be resolved.

2. Telegram server issues

If the telegram server is overloaded or has other issues, it may also affect the video loading speed. At this time, you may need to wait for a while or contact telegram official for help. In general, server issues require waiting for the server to be back to normal, which can successfully solve the problem.

3. Video source file issues

If the video file is too large or the encoding format is complex, it may lead to slow loading. To solve this issue, you need to try compressing the video or choosing a simpler encoding format. By changing the video encoding format, you can successfully load the video.

4. Software or browser plugin conflicts

Make sure your browser and other related software are up to date, and check for any plugins conflicting with telegram. If there are conflicts between telegram and browser plugins, it may cause problems during video loading. To solve the problem, you need to disable potentially conflicting plugins or update the software.

5. Insufficient system resources

If your computer hardware performance is low or if there are too many running applications, it may affect the video playback speed. Consider upgrading the hardware or closing unnecessary applications to reduce the usage of system resources, providing sufficient resources for telegram, which can solve this problem.

6. Security settings or restrictions

Some security settings, such as blocking third-party cookies, may affect video loading speed. You need to check the browser and other security settings and make changes to ensure that it does not block the normal operation of telegram.

Avoiding total video loading issues with Turrit

Turrit is a third-party client of telegram and is also a software authorized by telegram official. As a powerful third-party client, it can effectively help users bypass certain restrictions of telegram. In this way, it can effectively avoid the problem of videos not always being loaded.

All you need to do is download the Turrit software in the app store on your phone, follow the instructions on the page, log in to your telegram account, and you can successfully load and view the videos. This method is relatively simple and practical.

 By explaining in detail, you already clearly know the reasons and solutions for why telegram videos are not always loaded, through these methods, I believe you can quickly improve the video loading speed of telegram.