How to solve the speed limit for downloading Telegram videos

Apr 24, 2024

When you are using telegram, and you see some videos you want to click to view, but you find that there is an icon continuously rotating on the video, and the video just won't load successfully. This may be due to video download speed limits. If you are anxious to watch certain videos but they keep failing to load, it can also make you very angry and affect your mood. So, how to solve the telegram video download speed limit?


After some investigation, we can find that there are many reasons why the telegram video download speed is restricted, which are directly related to network anomalies and application issues. It will also cause video download speed limits due to certain problems. For the solution to this problem, this article will explain it in detail for you.

Why is telegram video download speed limited

If there is a speed limit when downloading videos in telegram, the first thing to consider is whether the video's creator or channel administrator has restricted video downloads to protect the video content. At this time, you can try to contact the administrator and the creator and hope that they can lift the restriction on video downloads, so that you can successfully download the video.

 Secondly, if there is a problem with our network, the speed of downloading videos in telegram will also be restricted. To solve this problem, we need to try to change the network or check if there is any network abnormality, and choose the correct network for downloading, in order to solve the problem of video download speed limit.

How to solve the telegram video download speed limit

Although telegram is one of the most trusted communication software at present, it is also very common to encounter various problems when downloading videos. As for how to solve the video download speed limit, everyone can understand the following methods.

Method one: use a robot to download

On the computer, there are all kinds of robots, and these robots can help you accomplish certain things, such as downloading videos that are speed limited. The specific operation method is as follows:

1. We need to first find the video with limited speed in the telegram channel and copy the video link.

2. On the home page of telegram, we need to find the search function, and enter the robot link in the search box: Save_Restricted_Content. Click on join channel in the pop-up window.

3. After entering the channel, we can see the robot's address in the chat interface, directly click to access. And in the initial interface, paste the video link you just copied.

4. After waiting a few seconds, the robot will provide you with a new link, and you just need to click on this link to successfully download the video to your phone.

Method two: use Turrit to download

Turrit is a third-party client authorized by telegram. The software has strong security and stability. Users can directly use this software to log in to their telegram accounts and bypass certain restrictions of telegram. For users, they can easily download the videos they want in Turrit and there will be no download restrictions.

Just enter Turrit in the app store on your phone. And find the software in the search results for download. After successfully downloading, click to launch the software, and set it according to the system's instructions, then you can log in to your telegram account to use it.

With the above methods, you can easily solve the problem of telegram video download speed limit. Isn't it very simple? When you encounter such problems, you can also use these methods to solve them.