How to solve the slow loading speed of Telegram videos

Apr 24, 2024

Using telegram to communicate with family and friends has become a common way for people nowadays, after all, this software's powerful features and strong encryption technology make people feel more at ease when using it. During the communication process, it also supports sending files, photos, videos, and other media formats, allowing you to easily share every bit of your life in chats. But when using telegram, how to solve the slow loading of telegram videos?


 I believe many people have encountered such a problem: while there is no abnormality in the network when chatting with them on the computer, once you start watching videos, you will find that the video loading speed is particularly slow. What is the reason for this? How can it be solved? In response to these issues, this article will provide you with the most detailed answers.

How to solve the slow loading of telegram videos

In fact, to know how to solve the slow video loading, we first need to clarify the reasons for the slow loading of videos, such as network problems, insufficient device performance, and outdated software versions, all of which could be the root causes. We need to address them from multiple perspectives in order to comprehensively improve the loading speed of telegram videos.

1. Optimize the network environment

A stable network environment is the basis for ensuring smooth video loading. If telegram videos are loading too slowly, you can first check your own network connection to ensure that the WiFi and mobile data networks are stable and reliable. In addition, you can try closing other network applications in use to provide more network bandwidth for telegram video loading.

 2. Update the telegram version

If your telegram version is relatively low, it may also cause slow video loading. At this time, you can try updating telegram to the latest version to solve the problem of slow video loading. Usually, new versions will fix some issues in the old version, including the problem of slow video loading. It is recommended to regularly check and update the software when using telegram.

 3. Free up storage space

If the phone's space is insufficient, it will cause the phone to respond slowly, and when the phone responds slowly, it will also force the telegram video to load slowly, especially when there is a large amount of data on the device, the processor may need to work harder to process this information, resulting in the overall operation of the phone becoming slower. At this time, we need to try to free up space on the phone. By deleting some unnecessary information on the phone, you can give more space for telegram to use, thereby improving the loading speed of telegram videos.

Can using third-party telegram clients solve the problem of slow video downloads?

Usually, using third-party clients can solve the problem of slow video downloads, because sometimes slow video downloads may be caused by certain restrictions of the telegram client, and third-party clients can help you bypass some of the official version's limitations, allowing you to use telegram more quickly.

For example, Turrit, which is an officially authorized third-party client of telegram, and its development team has been continuously updating, providing users with a more secure and stable client version. You only need to download the software from the app store on your phone and log in to your telegram account, and then you can easily load videos.

 The above is about the reasons and solutions for slow telegram video loading. Generally speaking, in order to solve the problem of slow telegram video loading, you can only be successful in solving this problem by finding the correct reasons and methods.