How to set up Telegram in Chinese

Jan 2, 2024

Telegram seems like a normal chat app, but once you truly understand it, you will definitely be attracted by its unique charm. It can not only provide users with multiple encrypted chat scenarios, but also rich social functions. However, this app is not user-friendly for domestic users. Its official version is set in English interface, and even through the settings interface in the app, the language cannot be changed. In order to easily use Telegram, domestic users are also desperately searching for ways to set Telegram in Chinese.


Domestic users all know that through Telegram, they can connect with users from all over the world. However, if you are not familiar with English, it is difficult to find like-minded people here, making it difficult to share hobbies and exchange experiences with others. It is also because of the language barrier that many users have to leave with regret. However, with the development of technology, domestic tech experts have not disappointed anyone. They have provided professional technical methods for domestic users to set Telegram in Chinese. Let's take a detailed look at it.

Setting Telegram in Chinese Easily Using Language Pack Plugins

Can you believe that some people don't know about the existence of language packs? It is one of the most widely shared methods on the internet, which can instantly change Telegram to Chinese, and it can be installed directly in Telegram, making it super convenient to operate. Although it is not a plugin provided by the official website, its accuracy is quite high, reaching a Chinese level of 98%, and the user feedback is also very good. Now, let's talk about the specific installation method.

1. First, we need to obtain the language pack, and there are many ways to obtain it, such as directly installing it through a language pack link shared by netizens, or obtaining it in Telegram groups. Here, we recommend that everyone obtain it through groups for higher security.

2. We can first open the Telegram app and log in, find the location of the search bar at the top of the page, and enter "ZH_CN" in it. After searching, click on the TG telegram group in the search results below.

3. After entering the group, in the conversation box, you can enter "Chinese pack" and click send.

4. The robot in the group will reply to you with a link message. Click the link, and in the page that pops up first, directly select "Change" to switch the Telegram page to Chinese language.

Did you notice how simple this method is? If you already have a language pack link, you can directly search and click in the Telegram app to switch to Chinese in one step. If the switch is not successful, you just need to exit the Telegram app and log in again to resolve it.


Login with a Third-Party Telegram Client to Set the Chinese Version

In fact, the third-party client is a Chinese version of Telegram developed by domestic tech experts. Just log in to the Telegram account in the client, and the page will magically replicate all the functions of Telegram, displaying the language in Chinese, making it more convenient for domestic users to use.

"Turrit" is such a software. If you need it, just search and download the software directly from the mobile app store. After a successful installation, set it according to the system prompts of "Turrit", and then use it to log in to the Telegram account, and you will find that the Telegram page has turned into Chinese.

With the above methods, you should be able to solve the problem of how to set Telegram in Chinese that you have encountered. Different methods may encounter problems when used. You can directly contact the corresponding customer service personnel, or solve them based on the methods provided above. I hope it can help you easily use Telegram.