How to set up Telegram in Chinese

Dec 29, 2023

Telegram, everyone is familiar with it, although it is a foreign software, it is also welcomed by many users in China. The only regret is that its English setting is not friendly to Chinese users. After many users download Telegram, they find that the interface is all in English. They want to adjust the language to Chinese through settings, but they find that Telegram does not have a Chinese version, which puzzles a large number of users who are not familiar with English. People have also begun to discuss the issue of how to set Chinese in Telegram.

Possibly the biggest problem for Chinese users when using Telegram is the lack of a direct switch to Chinese, which has caused a large number of Chinese users to give up using Telegram. However, in the process of understanding how to set Chinese in Telegram, many people have found that it is actually quite simple to set Telegram to Chinese, without the need for complex operations. Almost with just one click, you can easily set it. Users who are worried about not being able to use Telegram properly due to limited English knowledge need not worry. The following two methods will help you.

Language pack setting for Chinese version of Telegram

Many users have been asking why Telegram is all in English after logging in, and they cannot find the Chinese option in the settings. The main reason is that the official version does not provide a Chinese version. This makes it difficult for us to set Telegram to Chinese. However, this kind of difficulty cannot stump the tech-savvy. They directly developed a language pack built into Telegram, allowing users to directly switch the interface to the Chinese version, and users can obtain it directly through tg://setlanguage?lang=taiwan.

The way to obtain it is also very simple. We need to find the search bar in the Telegram interface and paste this URL into the search bar, and then we need to click on the