How to set up Chinese in the mobile version of Telegram

Dec 29, 2023

Telegram belongs to the cross-platform real-time communication application. Its main advantages lie in its security, free of charge, and without ads. Moreover, Telegram's features are also very powerful, and the user experience is excellent. Unfortunately, Telegram is very unfriendly to users in mainland China. Therefore, for most users, the trouble is not in downloading and registering for Telegram, but in discovering that after downloading the Telegram app and registering, the software does not support setting Telegram to Chinese.

For the convenience of use, many users will also use various methods to set Telegram to Chinese. However, when it comes to actual setting, we find that it is not as simple as we imagined. Not only does it require selecting the right method, but also an understanding of the setting process. A slight oversight may result in a lower accuracy of Chinese setting, affecting normal communication with other users. Today, we will recommend several good methods for you to easily set your mobile Telegram to display in Chinese.

How to set the mobile version of Telegram to Chinese

I wonder if you have heard of the Chinese package while using Telegram. You can directly set the display of Telegram to Chinese using the Chinese package, and the method for obtaining the Chinese package is also relatively simple. You can follow the steps below:

  1. We need to open the Telegram app. Can you see the search bar at the top of the interface? At this time, we need to enter "@zwdhqun" in the search bar for searching.

2.  In the search results below, we can click to enter the official group of TG Telegram, and after the administrator agrees and successfully joins the group, we can obtain the Chinese package.

3.   In the input box of the official group, we need to enter "Chinese package" and send it to the chat interface of the group, then the robot in the group will immediately reply to your question.

4.  In the reply result, we can see that there is a link. After clicking the link, the system will automatically jump to a new page.

5.   In the new popped-up window, we need to click "CHANGE", and then Telegram will switch to Chinese.

Isn't this method super simple? There is no need to change the settings of Telegram, just use the Chinese package, and you're all set. Although this Chinese package is not provided by the official website, it is also developed by professional technicians, with a very high accuracy and will not affect everyone's usage at all.

Methods for setting Telegram to Chinese using third-party applications

In the use of the mobile version of Telegram, some users also mentioned if there are other methods to set Telegram to Chinese without using the Chinese package. The answer is, of course, yes! Third-party applications can also solve the problem of Telegram not being able to set to Chinese display.

This method is even simpler, you can operate it by downloading the software. First, we need to open the app store on the phone, and then enter "Turrit" in the search bar.

Click the install button next to "Turrit", install it on the phone, and after the installation is complete, we can click to open the app. Then, directly enter your Telegram account into the app, and it will enter the interface of Telegram, with the page display also in Chinese,

Both of the above methods can fulfill the need of setting Telegram to Chinese, the only difference lies in the operational steps. Regardless of which method is chosen, everyone must pay attention to the security of third-party tools or Chinese packages, to avoid unnecessary risks after installation. If you don't want to use these methods, traditional translation tools can also help you, but the translation process may be more cumbersome.