How to set up Telegram in Chinese

Dec 29, 2023

Many users have expressed that when using telegram, the content inside is all in English and there is no option to set it to Chinese in the settings. This may cause some inconvenience for people with poor English skills. Why can't Chinese be set? After investigation, it was found that Telegram is a foreign instant messaging software, and language differences are caused by regional restrictions. For mainland Chinese users who want to use telegram conveniently, the best way is to set up telegram in Chinese.

But because there is no direct option in the telegram software to set it to Chinese, many users are not clear on how to set telegram to Chinese. In fact, there are many methods to set telegram to Chinese, and almost every method is very simple to operate. Users only need to follow the following methods to easily fulfill the requirement of setting telegram to Chinese.

Introduction to Methods for Setting Telegram to Chinese

Although in the operating interface of telegram, we cannot find the option to set it to Chinese, which makes it unfriendly for mainland Chinese users, this still did not stump the majority of users. Some tech-savvy individuals have come up with professional methods to provide Chinese settings for telegram. With these methods, we can switch telegram to the Chinese version. Below, we will introduce a very useful method for setting up telegram in Chinese.

Method One: Use Language Pack

First, we need to open the telegram software and enter the operating interface. At the top of the page, we can see the search bar in the middle. At this point, we need to paste the link: tg://setlanguage?lang=taiwan into the search bar location.

 When we click on the search, the system will pop up new options. When the system jumps to the new link, we can click on the link. In the new popup options, click on