Telegram Chinese Group Navigation

Jan 24, 2024

Telegram is a communication software that focuses on speed and security, providing secure and fast communication services. The software also gathers various hobbyists and professionals who create and join groups based on their interests and expertise, gradually expanding the groups and gaining favor among global users. When using Telegram, people actively choose groups they like to join.


However, for users in mainland China, have you noticed how difficult it is to find groups on Telegram? The main reason is that Telegram is a foreign social app and is banned in mainland China for various reasons. Nonetheless, this does not deter the enthusiasm of Chinese users for Telegram. Some tech-savvy individuals have developed many plugins related to Telegram to meet the needs of Chinese users. Now, let's talk about how to join Telegram groups and navigate Chinese groups on Telegram.

Chinese Group Navigation on Telegram

Group navigation makes it easier to find groups you like. With the expansion of Telegram groups covering various topics, it becomes extremely difficult to find specific groups. As a result, many people search for groups using keywords. Let's explore the categories of Chinese group navigation on Telegram.

1. Knowledge Sharing

If you are interested in the field of knowledge, you can search for groups related to knowledge sharing, such as history, literature, art, philosophy, and science. In these groups, you can ask questions, exchange answers with others, and provide answers based on your insights, becoming a disseminator of knowledge.

2. Language Learning

If you want to learn a new language or improve your language skills through Telegram groups, language learning groups can meet your needs. These groups consist of professional teachers, native speakers, or language enthusiasts who share their learning experiences and exchange learning insights. By joining these groups through group navigation, you have the opportunity to learn with learners from around the world and improve your language skills.


Methods for Joining Telegram Groups

Although it's known that you can find groups of interest through Telegram's group navigation, how do you find and join groups? It is recommended to explore third-party clients, which can be considered as the Chinese version of Telegram. Although not officially released, they are very user-friendly for users in mainland China.

For example,