Jan 9, 2024

With the global popularity of Telegram, more and more people are attracted by its powerful communication scene. The group function of Telegram has also emerged, becoming a place for user communication and chat. Telegram not only provides users with an open and free social platform, but also allows for quick message delivery anywhere in the world with internet access, providing users with a convenient way to chat.


When it comes to Telegram groups, many people know that its openness and large capacity far exceed other social platforms. It also provides two types of groups: public and private, meeting the needs of different users. Additionally, each group has its own link, allowing users to invite others to join and increase user engagement. However, many users are still unclear about how to join groups and search for Telegram groups. Below are answers to how to search for Telegram groups and join them.

Search Bot Teaches You How to Search for and Join Telegram Groups

Searching for groups in Telegram is not a simple task, mainly because the platform does not provide tools similar to search engines for users to search for groups of interest. Therefore, when many people want to find Telegram groups of interest, they choose to search through the internet. The method shared today is a masterpiece of technical experts in mainland China, which allows you to quickly search for groups and join them.

We need to first open and log in to the Telegram app, and then find the search bar at the top of the page. In the search bar, you can enter the link for the Telegram group/channel directory.

The specific URL is:

Afterwards, in the search results, you need to click on