telegram group recommendation

Jan 4, 2024

The saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together." It's clear that the social circle is very important. Living in a certain circle enables others to understand what kind of person you are. As an efficient and secure communication tool, Telegram provides a different social circle with its group function. On Telegram, there are many groups in different fields. By joining these groups, you can communicate and share experiences with like-minded people. This article will provide you with some good Telegram group recommendations to expand your circle of friends.


Many users have also given feedback that downloading and registering on Telegram is very simple. However, after logging in, they find it difficult to find groups of interest due to the large number of users and the mixed nature of the groups. How can you accurately find groups of interest to you? Which groups are worth joining? The following will recommend some relatively good Telegram groups and how to join them.

Directly Adding Groups on Telegram

I believe that many users often search for Telegram groups through some social platforms, but this is not necessary. You can easily find groups of interest directly on the Telegram platform. The operation steps are very simple. As long as you master the correct method, you can quickly find a group that suits you. In the group, you can also freely express your thoughts with other like-minded friends.

I recommend a tool for searching Telegram groups and channels: Here, users can easily search for groups.

All you need to do is open the Telegram app, find the location of the search bar on the interface, then copy and paste this URL into the search bar and search. This will take you to a summary page of the groups. Here, every user can search for groups of interest according to keywords. But please note, when searching for groups, don't forget to add the group prefix:

After clicking "Join" at the bottom of the page, you can join the group. In the group, you can input what you want in the dialogue box, and the bot will automatically collect according to your feedback. Also, if you find the English interface of Telegram difficult to use, you can also send a Chinese localization package, easily obtain the Chinese package, and set Telegram to Chinese.


Third-Party Software to Add Groups

If you think it's too troublesome to directly add groups on Telegram, or if you feel very uncomfortable with the English interface, using third-party software is also a good choice. Not only can it directly switch Telegram to the Chinese interface, it also provides recommendations for Chinese groups and channels, making it more user-friendly.

About third-party clients, I recommend you check out "Turrit", which has more complete functions and good stability. The specific method for searching groups is as follows:

Directly search for "Turrit" in the mobile app store, find the software, click download, and install it on the mobile end.

After installation, follow the page prompts to set up the software, and then log in using your Telegram account. Telegram will then switch to a Chinese interface.

In the Turrit app, find the "Discovery Page", and in the "Discovery Content" interface, you can see that there are many Chinese channels. You can directly search for groups using keywords.

Both of the above methods are relatively good Telegram group recommendation methods, and you can choose according to your own habits. When searching for Telegram groups, you should also pay attention to the security of the groups to avoid potential security risks.