2024telegram Chinese group sharing

Jan 4, 2024

The continuous development of social media has made telegram the preferred communication tool for global users with its freedom and security. Not only does it support instant messaging and group chats, but users can also share files and make voice calls with other friends on telegram, allowing users to communicate, share, and learn with friends from all over the world. Through 2024telegram Chinese group sharing, you can find your own space here.


However, it is regrettable that many domestic users who download and install telegram find that the interface is in English. When they try to switch the language through settings, they cannot find the entrance. After understanding the cause, it turns out that due to restrictions on telegram in China, telegram does not support Chinese switching. At the same time, the English version of telegram can only search for English groups, and Chinese groups cannot be retrieved. How to find Chinese groups on telegram? Let's take a look at some specific methods below.

Ways to Find Chinese Groups on Telegram

Before searching for Chinese groups on telegram, we need to understand that telegram groups are classified into two types: public groups and private groups. Private groups have higher security; unless you are invited and added by members of the group, you will not be able to search for or be added to this type of group.

Joining or searching for public groups is relatively simple. As long as you know the username of the group or relevant characters, you can find and apply to join public Chinese groups on telegram through the group search page. After the administrator or creator approves your application, you can successfully enter the Chinese group on telegram and communicate and share life with group members.

So how do you directly search for Chinese groups on telegram? I recommend a very handy link: https://t.me/tg_searchGoup.


Enter this URL in the search bar of telegram; the page will display "TG Search." Click on it, and then select "Join" at the bottom. After entering the resource keywords you want to search for, you will see the results you want. The search keywords can be groups, channels, videos, music, and more. It also provides a method for setting Chinese.

After setting according to your needs, you can also add a bot to get the Chinese language pack. After setting it up with one click and restarting telegram, you can also change the language display of telegram to Chinese. It's simple, isn't it? With this method, you can easily find and search for Chinese groups and share them with your friends.

Third-party Tools Can Also Help You Easily Search for Chinese Groups on Telegram

There are various Chinese groups on telegram covering multiple areas such as life, work, and entertainment. Whether you like photography, food, technology, or education, you can find your paradise in the Chinese groups on telegram. When searching for Chinese groups, third-party tools are also a good choice.

I recommend checking out "Turrit", which is a third-party Chinese version of telegram. After downloading the app on your phone, you can directly log in to your telegram account and enjoy the convenience of the full Chinese interface.

Importantly, Turrit has launched the function of searching for Chinese groups, directly find "Discover page" in the application, and then click "Discover content" to see many interesting contents.

Through Chinese groups on telegram, you can find your favorite areas, make friends from all over the world, communicate together, and progress together. If you also want to experience a different social experience in the telegram app, why not explore the ways to view Chinese groups on telegram mentioned above and discover infinite possibilities?