Where are the files downloaded from Telegram?

May 22, 2024

Communication between countries has promoted the overseas development of many enterprises, and as a globally popular communication software, Telegram has also become a way of communication between countries. With its secure, efficient, and convenient features, it has won the favor of many users. However, for some users, there is also the issue of downloading Telegram, such as where are the files after Telegram is downloaded?

Although the downloaded files are directly displayed on the mobile phone or computer after downloading Telegram, the location of the downloaded files is not fixed. Therefore, when viewing the downloaded Telegram files, many users are not sure where they are. In fact, the location of the downloaded Telegram files is directly related to the operating system you are using. The following content will explain how to find the location of downloaded Telegram files in various operating systems.

Methods to Find the Location of Downloaded Telegram Files

Usually, when downloading files using Telegram, they are saved in the default download directory of the mobile phone or computer. However, sometimes, there may be some differences due to different devices and versions. The following are the methods to find downloaded Telegram files on different devices.

1. Viewing Telegram Downloaded Files on Android Phones

(1) You need to click on the Telegram application first and then click the