The solution to not receiving the +86 SMS verification code on Telegram

Feb 1, 2024

The development of the Internet has made people increasingly rely on data tools for communication. As a global instant messaging application, Telegram is highly favored by users. Its existence can provide users with a more convenient and secure way of communication, and also enables users from around the world to communicate with each other, maintaining good connections. End-to-end encryption technology also ensures that the communication content of users will not be stolen or eavesdropped by third parties.


However, during the use of Telegram, some users may encounter various problems. One of the most common issues is that Telegram cannot receive SMS verification codes from +86. This problem may seem simple, but actually has many different causes. After encountering this problem, many people have been searching for solutions to the issue of Telegram not being able to receive SMS verification codes from +86. Now, let's explain this problem in detail.

Why Telegram Cannot Receive SMS Verification Codes from +86

+86 is actually the international area code for China. Since Telegram is an instant messaging application developed in Russia, in order to better distinguish users from each country, there will be an international area code when logging into or registering for Telegram. The main reason why Telegram cannot receive SMS verification codes from +86 is that currently, mainland China prohibits the use of Telegram. Therefore, when you use a +86 phone number to register for a Telegram account, it is very difficult to successfully receive the verification code. This is also the reason why it is difficult for mainland Chinese users to use Telegram.

Solutions to Telegram Not Receiving SMS Verification Codes from +86

Now that we understand the reasons why Telegram cannot receive SMS verification codes from +86, what methods can solve this issue? In fact, the solution is very simple. Below are two relatively useful methods.

Method 1: Verification Code Platform

When +86 phone numbers cannot receive SMS verification codes, it means that mainland Chinese phone numbers cannot receive Telegram verification codes. At this time, everyone can use a verification code platform for verification.

Let me recommend a very useful verification code platform, its website is:

Simply click on this website, select Telegram on the page, and then choose a phone number from another country, which can be freely chosen according to your preference.

Then open the Telegram app, enter the phone number just obtained from the verification code platform, and then wait for the verification code directly in the verification code platform. Normally, you can see the verification code in about two minutes.

Copy the verification code and enter it into the Telegram interface, then follow the prompts to set it up, and you can directly log in to Telegram. This method can solve the problem of Chinese phone numbers not receiving verification codes.


Method 2: Third-party Client

The third-party client is a Chinese version of Telegram developed by a third party. Although it is not officially released, its function and content are consistent with the official version of Telegram, and all content is displayed in Chinese, making it more convenient for mainland Chinese users to use. When you are unable to receive +86 verification codes on Telegram, you can directly use the third-party client to log in.

We need to search for "Turrit" or a similar third-party client in the application store on our mobile phone, download and install it, and then follow the prompts to set up the software.

After the setup is complete, simply enter the Telegram account, and you can log in directly.

The above are the solutions to Telegram not receiving SMS verification codes from +86. If you are unable to successfully receive SMS verification codes while using Telegram, you can try these methods.