How to solve telegram +86 unable to receive SMS

Feb 1, 2024

With the development of the Internet, international communication has become more frequent, and more and more people and businesses choose the Telegram communication application to connect with friends and clients abroad due to its security and speed, which enable better communication between users. However, some users may encounter the problem of not receiving messages with Telegram+86 while using Telegram.


I believe many people know that +86 is actually a mobile phone number in mainland China. The reason why users in mainland China cannot receive Telegram messages is that the freedom of Telegram has led to many risks. In order to avoid these risks, mainland China prohibits the use of Telegram, which also causes many users to be unable to receive Telegram messages normally. So, how to solve the problem of not receiving messages with Telegram+86?

What to do if Telegram+86 cannot receive messages?

When Telegram+86 cannot receive messages, the first thing we need to do is to identify the specific reasons for not receiving messages and find corresponding solutions. Generally, there are several common reasons:

1. Unable to receive +86 messages when registering for Telegram

If you are unable to receive +86 messages when registering, a major reason is that mainland China prohibits the use of Telegram, which also prevents the telecom operators from providing Telegram message verification for you, thus making it impossible to receive messages. At this point, you can try using a VPN to change your IP address and then register with a foreign phone number to successfully receive the message verification code.

2. Unable to receive +86 messages when logging in to Telegram

If your Telegram account was previously bound to a +86 number and you are unable to receive messages when logging in this time, it is necessary to check if it is a network problem. If the network signal of the mobile carrier is poor, it will affect the normal reception of messages. You can try restarting after turning off your phone and then re-receiving the verification code. At the same time, you can also try changing the network connection to ensure the normal reception of Telegram messages.


Can third-party clients be used to log in to Telegram and receive messages?

We can log in to Telegram accounts on multiple devices. If you cannot receive the verification code in the official Telegram app, you can also try using the desktop version or a third-party client. Third-party clients can not only use the Telegram software directly, but also help you receive message verification codes.

First, we need to download and install a third-party client in the mobile application store, such as "Turrit", which is very good with strong stability and high security.

After downloading and installing the Turrit software, you can directly enter the Telegram software in the login interface of the software and log in.

After successfully logging in, you will find that the entire interface is displayed in Chinese, allowing you to understand the content more clearly. Meanwhile, Turrit not only supports all functions of Telegram, but also has the function of searching groups/channels. Here, you can enjoy the same functions as Telegram and chat with friends to your heart's content.

When you use Turrit to log in to your Telegram account and need to receive the verification code, as long as there are no problems with the mobile signal, you can quickly and accurately receive messages.

The above is the answer to how to solve the problem of not receiving messages with Telegram+86. Overall, there are many reasons why Telegram cannot receive messages, and different reasons have different solutions. In order to avoid the frequent occurrence of Telegram not receiving messages, everyone can try using a third-party client, which can provide you with more help.