How to deal with unable to receive SMS verification code on Telegram

Feb 1, 2024

When people use communication tools, the most concern is about security and efficiency. As a globally popular communication application, Telegram can stand firm in the market and be sought after by many users thanks to its unique features and strong privacy protection. However, some users also encounter the problem of not being able to receive SMS verification codes when registering for Telegram.


It is important to note that when using Telegram, you need to register as a user of Telegram in order to communicate with other users. At this point, some users may encounter the problem of 'unable to receive Telegram verification code via SMS,' which not only affects the user experience, but may also have an impact on the account. So, what should you do if Telegram can't receive SMS verification codes? How to solve this problem?

What to do if Telegram can't receive SMS verification code

When registering for Telegram, there are many reasons why you may not receive the verification code, the most common reasons include inputting the wrong phone number, the phone number has not been associated with the Telegram account, and if there is a network issue or a SMS interceptor that intercepts the SMS, it can also result in failure to receive the verification code. Therefore, when you encounter the problem of not receiving the Telegram verification code when registering, you must first identify the cause before addressing it based on the actual reason.

1. If your phone number is correct, but you cannot receive the verification code, the main reason is a network issue. In this case, you can try changing the network environment or using a VPN to change the network settings.

2. If there is a situation where the phone's security software intercepts SMS, it will intercept the Telegram verification code, so you need to check if your phone has the setting to intercept SMS, and make sure they won't intercept the Telegram verification code before trying again.


How to successfully receive Telegram verification code

If you have tried any method and still cannot successfully receive the Telegram verification code, it may be due to geographical restrictions. In mainland China, Telegram is a banned communication software, so the restrictions in mainland China are very strict. When you register for a Telegram account in mainland China, you will not be able to receive the verification code. At this point, you can try using third-party Telegram software.

For example, 'Turrit' is a third-party client, which is also a third-party software for Telegram. Although it is not officially released by Telegram, it is comparable to the official Telegram client. Most importantly, Turrit not only directly replicates the functions of the Telegram client, but also offers Chinese localization, displaying the interface entirely in Chinese, directly addressing the problem of poor English for users in mainland China.

Even more miraculously, Turrit may solve the problem of not receiving the verification code, just use your phone to search for 'Turrit' in the app store and download and install it for use.

This software is very powerful, it can help users in mainland China to use Telegram and communicate with other users conveniently, and it also supports automatic translation function. No matter which country your friend is from, its powerful translation function can quickly help you translate messages into the target language, solving the problem of communication barriers.

The above is the answer to 'What to do if Telegram can't receive SMS verification code'. For users in mainland China, it is very common not to successfully receive the verification code. You can choose to change your phone number or try using a third-party client. It can not only help you quickly log in to your Telegram account, but its rich features can also meet your needs for using Telegram.