Jan 25, 2024

Socializing is something people often do in their daily lives. Through socializing, one can make more friends. In order to facilitate convenient socializing, social messaging tools have undergone significant changes. In addition to the currently popular WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter, more and more people are paying attention to Telegram, making it an important social platform. However, many users in mainland China have found that after downloading Telegram, they encountered an issue: Telegram cannot be switched to Chinese. Are there any recommended third-party Telegram clients in the market?

Recommended Third-Party Telegram Clients

Due to the open API interfaces in Telegram's functionality, various clients have emerged in the market. To facilitate everyone's selection, here are a few commonly recommended third-party Telegram software.


1. Turrit

This is a very user-friendly third-party Telegram client, with many advantages such as free translation, powerful functionality, the ability to automatically translate all messages, and the option to join or subscribe to massive groups and channels. It also excels in security, developed based on the tg API, with the ability to set privacy, anti-theft, and anti-trojan features with one click, stronger stability, and a clearer interface.

2. Nekogram

As one of the third-party Telegram clients, Nekogram provides many additional functions, allowing users to enjoy a richer experience when using Telegram. It is a very easy-to-use social software. Through this software, users can more conveniently join telegram channels/groups and chat with other users.

3. Plus Messenger

This is a third-party Telegram client that has been around for quite a while and has a very high download volume in the Google Play Store. During use, it supports the Chinese language and allows for customizing different themes and group displays. The clear operating interface also allows users to view messages more clearly.

Which Third-Party Telegram Client Is the Best

Before understanding which third-party Telegram client is the best, we need to understand the definition of "best." For chat application software, "best" usually involves multiple aspects such as interface design, rich functionality, strong stability, security, and simple operation. Therefore, to understand which third-party Telegram client is the best, we need to compare these aspects.

Here, we also recommend everyone to learn about Turrit, which has a certain reputation in the third-party client market due to its security and stability. The powerful functionality and completely free advantages have also made it the choice of many users, and its download method is relatively simple.

Open the app store on your phone, enter "Turrit" in the search software position, and then click to download and install the software.

After successful installation, open the software, and the system will prompt you to set up the software first. Follow the instructions here.

On the login account page, you can enter your Telegram account password to log in. After successful login, you can use the Chinese version of Telegram to communicate with friends.

The existence of third-party Telegram clients has solved the problem of mainland Chinese users being unable to use Telegram normally. If you want a third-party Telegram client that is stable and has strong functionality, you can learn about the above mentioned clients.