2024 Telegram account was banned, a complete guide on how to appeal

Feb 20, 2024

With the development of the times, communication tools have become an important part of people's lives, helping users to communicate more conveniently with family and friends. In mainland China, the well-known communication tool is WeChat, while on the international scene, Telegram is a leader in communication tools, winning the favor of global users with its efficiency, security, and strong privacy. However, no matter what software, there are bottom lines and rules. Once touched, there is a risk of being banned. Many users of Telegram also face account suspension when using the platform.

For frequent users of Telegram, once their account is suspended, they will face a huge blow, unable to use the software for communication, and unable to participate in any activities on Telegram. In order to solve the problem of being unable to use the Telegram account after it has been suspended, Telegram also provides a clear appeal channel and solution to ensure the protection of user's rights. Now, let's understand the appeal method for 2024 Telegram account suspension together.


Introduction to the appeal method for the suspension of the 2024 Telegram account

There are two appeal methods for the suspension of the 2024 Telegram account: first, send an email directly to the mailbox, and second, send an email on the official Telegram customer support page. These two methods only apply to cases that are not deemed as serious violations, and cannot guarantee the success of reinstatement. Below, we will elaborate on these two methods.

Method One: Send an email to recover@telegram.org

Telegram has a professional team to solve customer problems. You can directly send an email to the official customer service mailbox recover@telegram.org, and the official customer service will handle your problem as soon as possible.

When appealing, be sure to prepare detailed account information and explanations, stating that your usage behavior complies with the regulations, while also promising to abide by the platform's rules, providing strong evidence and reasonable explanations, which will help improve the success rate of the appeal.

When composing the email, the email subject needs to include the registered phone number + area code, and the content should indicate your Telegram version and your mobile operating system version.

Note: The appeal email must be in English. If you are not good at English, you can also seek the help of translation software, first describing your content in Chinese, and then translating it into English and pasting it into the email.

Method Two: Send an email on the official Telegram customer support page

You need to first visit the official Telegram customer support page by clicking on the URL https://telegram.org/support.

On the page, you need to clearly fill in your registered phone number, including the area code, and also fill in your email. You can directly refer to the template below for the email content, or write it yourself.

Please describe your problem:

Dear Sir/Ma'am.

MY number +1 xxx xxx xxxx (fill in your registered phone number, including the area code) has been banned, and I am unable to figure out the reason for suspension. Please help me recover my account.

Thank you.

Your email: fill in your email

Your phone number: fill in your registered phone number, including the area code


Can you appeal for reinstatement directly in Turrit?

In mainland China, many users, due to Telegram being displayed entirely in English, will choose third-party clients, with Turrit being one of them. When they discover their account has been suspended, they will also be curious about whether they can directly appeal for reinstatement in Turrit. The answer is no.

Regardless of any third-party client, they do not have the authority to suspend Telegram accounts, and therefore do not have any authority to help users reinstate their accounts, even if Turrit is a third-party client authorized by Telegram's official platform.

The above is an introduction to the method for appealing the suspension of the 2024 Telegram account. In order to avoid the risk of account suspension while using Telegram, it is recommended that everyone use Telegram in a reasonable and compliant manner.