How to apply for the unsealing of the telegram

Feb 20, 2024

In the era of information explosion, communication tools have become the main way of communication, and telegrams have attracted attention with their powerful encryption function and wide user base. However, some users may encounter account suspension when using telegrams. In the face of this situation, how should we apply for an unblocking?

Telegrams are extremely secure communication tools. People have been using telegrams to communicate internationally, but because there are also various rules for using telegrams, once users violate the relevant rules, they may face the risk of an account suspension. If you frequently use telegrams and have many very important friends on telegrams, you need to apply for an unblocking to use your telegram account again. Below, let's talk about how to apply for an unblocking on telegrams.


Why are telegrams blocked

There are many reasons why telegrams are blocked, such as frequent adding of friends, frequent IP changes, being reported, adding a large number of friends and groups in a short period of time, and accounts with short registration time having bot operations, etc. These situations may trigger telegram's blocking mechanism, leading to account suspension. If you want your account to be used stably for a long time, you must pay attention to your own actions and avoid violating the rules.

Ways to apply for telegram unblocking

If you want to unblock your telegram, first we need to clearly understand the specific reasons for the suspension, which will help us solve the problem targetedly and improve the success rate of unblocking. Sometimes, the account suspension is only temporary, and the system may automatically unblock it after a period of time. If you cannot unblock it by yourself, you can also try to appeal for unblocking by sending an email. The specific method is as follows:

First, we need to find the appeal email of telegram, and then send the appeal email to the corresponding email address. Their email is The letter must be written in English. If users are not good at English, they can also write in Chinese first and then use translation software for translation.

When writing the appeal email, it is necessary to clarify the email subject, which is Banned phone number. Here, you need to fill in your registered account, and when filling in, you should include the area code.

In the body of the email, you also need to fill in your registered phone number and add the area code, at the same time, describe the problem you have encountered below clearly. Pay attention to describing the problem clearly, also fill in the version of telegram you are using and the version of your mobile operating system. The reason for appeal must be written in a sincere manner.

If it is not a particularly serious suspension, generally 3-7 days after the email is sent, the account can be used normally. After you send the appeal email, you just need to wait patiently.

Some domestic users may use third-party clients, such as Turrit, when using telegrams, but there may also be cases of violation and suspension when using third-party clients. Please note that this kind of suspension is not the operation of the third-party client. Only the official telegram has the authority to suspend accounts, so contacting the customer service of the third-party client is useless. You need to contact the official customer service of telegram to handle it.

The above is the relevant operation steps for applying for unblocking on telegram. Regardless of which way you use to log in to your telegram account, and regardless of the reasons for the account suspension, only contacting the official customer service of telegram can achieve the purpose of unblocking.