How to write a letter to request to unblock Telegram

Feb 20, 2024

Telegram, as a highly secure and highly private communication software, has also become a widely favored instant messaging software among global users, providing convenience for international communication. However, when Telegram is blocked, unblocking becomes a crucial issue, requiring users to use email appeals to achieve the purpose of unblocking. But how should Telegram unblocking emails be written?

With the development of the times, more and more people will use Telegram to chat freely with friends and family, regardless of the country of the friends, Telegram can be used to communicate smoothly. However, when a Telegram account is blocked, it will bring a lot of troubles to people's communication. In the face of this situation, we will explain in detail the way to write unblocking emails for Telegram.


How to Write Telegram Unblocking Emails

1. Understand the reason for the ban and prepare relevant materials

Before writing the unblocking email, the first thing to do is to understand the specific reason for the account being blocked. In general, this can be found directly in the ban notification sent by Telegram. After understanding the relevant reasons, you can prepare corresponding proof materials, such as proof of identity, chat records, etc., to prove your innocence or explain the reasons behind the violations. When writing the unblocking email, these materials can be sent as attachments to increase the success rate of unblocking.

2. Email writing template

Email title: Banned phone number: (here you need to fill in your Telegram account number, note that it is the banned account and needs to include the area code)

Email body:

I'm trying to use my phone number: fill in your registered mobile number, including the area code

But Telegram says it's banned. Please help.

I need this account it's on my most used number.

App version: fill in your Telegram version

OS version: fill in your phone's operating system version

Device Name: iOS/Android/others

Thank you.

In addition to writing according to this template, you can also write unblocking emails according to your own ideas, but you need to make sure to directly address the main points, such as the requested unblocking Telegram account, the explanation of the ban, and so on. If the account being blocked seriously affects your business operation, be sure to emphasize the urgency in the hope that Telegram's official customer service can quickly unblock it.

3. Points to note when writing emails

When writing unblocking emails for Telegram, be sure to maintain authenticity. When explaining the situation and providing evidence, do not fabricate facts or provide false information. Only by being absolutely honest and trustworthy can the probability of unblocking be increased. In addition, be sure to provide targeted explanations and evidence. If one application is unsuccessful, you can also try multiple times.


Can you appeal for unblocking directly in a third-party client?

Many users have feedback that they use third-party clients. If certain behaviors lead to violations and the account is blocked, can you appeal for unblocking directly in the third-party client? The answer is no.

It is understood that the most commonly used third-party client in China is Turrit, however, Turrit is only developed based on the API authorized by Telegram and can enhance the client's experience, but the account being blocked is unrelated to Turrit. When a Telegram account is blocked, it is operated by Telegram's official and only Telegram's official has the authority to block the account. Therefore, whether using Turrit or other clients, once the account is blocked, only Telegram's official customer service can unblock it.

If your Telegram account is blocked and you are not sure how to write an unblocking email, you can directly use the above email writing template. After sending the email, you just need to patiently wait for Telegram's official customer service to process it.