How to appeal if Telegram account is banned

Mar 13, 2024

No matter what software is being used, it must comply with the relevant service terms of the software. Once violated, there is a risk of account suspension. Telegram, as a communication application software favored by users around the world, is no exception. If you engage in prohibited behavior while using Telegram, such as sending junk messages, abusing functions, or involving content that violates legal provisions, your Telegram account will be suspended and rendered unusable.

In mainland China, many users have likely encountered this situation. For less severe suspensions, the account may automatically be reinstated after a period of time. However, if the account triggers the risk control mechanism severely, it will be suspended for a long time, rendering it unusable. When users find their accounts suspended and cannot be used, they anxiously seek ways to appeal for the account to be reinstated. We will explain in detail the process of appealing a suspended Telegram account.

Appealing a Suspended Telegram Account

Generally, when an account is suspended, users will use the method of emailing an appeal. You only need to communicate the situation you encountered and the relevant information of the account to Telegram's official customer service via email. They will review and address your issue as soon as they receive the email. If the violation is not deemed as severe, it will be resolved. If you are unsure how to send an appeal email, you can follow these steps.

You need to send an email to the address:

The email needs to clearly state the issues you are facing and the phone number that has been suspended. At the same time, when composing the email, make sure to pay attention to the content, it must be entirely in English. If you are not proficient in English, you can first write the email in Chinese, and then use a translation tool to translate the content of the email, or directly write the appeal email based on the following template.

Email subject: Banned phone number (here you need to fill in the phone number that has been suspended, be sure to include the area code)

Email body:

But Telegram says it's banned. Please help.

I need this account it's on my most used number.

App version: fill in your Telegram version

OS version: fill in your mobile operating system version

Device Name: iOS/Android/others

Thank you.

Because Telegram's customer service staff is relatively limited, after you send the email, you may not receive a response quickly. However, in general, after waiting for about a week or so, the account suspension will be resolved. After you send the appeal email, all you need to do is wait patiently.

Can the account be restored using third-party software?

In mainland China, many users also use third-party clients to conveniently use Telegram. Once they find their accounts suspended, they are concerned about whether they can be restored using third-party software. The answer is yes.

It is understood that only Telegram's official customer service can handle account suspensions. Regardless of whether you use Turrit or other third-party clients, the client's customer service staff does not have the authority to suspend Telegram accounts. Therefore, if your account is suspended, you can only appeal by contacting Telegram's customer service staff in order to achieve reinstatement.

The above is about the method to reinstate a suspended Telegram account, gaining a detailed understanding of the process of reinstatement will assist you in quickly reinstating your account. Additionally, while using a Telegram account, it is important to use Telegram in a compliant and lawful manner to avoid engaging in prohibited activities, such as frequently chatting with strangers, using virtual numbers for registration, or sending risky content, etc. Using Telegram correctly will enable you to communicate with others in a secure environment.