unable to receive SMS for Telegram login

Mar 5, 2024

Communication software occupies an irreplaceable position in our lives. Their existence connects users from all over the world closely together. Among many communication softwares, Telegram has won the trust of users and become a new way of instant communication with its unique features and user experience. However, in mainland China, many users face the problem of not receiving login verification code when using Telegram.

After investigation, it can be found that although Telegram provides a secure communication environment for users, its open source code still has many security risks. To avoid the risks brought by Telegram, relevant departments in mainland China directly prohibit its use, which also leads to the situation where mainland Chinese users cannot download it directly, resulting in frequent instances of not receiving the verification code. So, how should we solve the problem of not receiving the verification code when logging into Telegram?

Reasons for and Solutions to Not Receiving Verification Code When Logging into Telegram

If you don't receive the verification code when logging into Telegram, it will cause problems and affect our user experience, causing us to miss important information. There are many reasons why the verification code is not received when logging into Telegram, including network issues, phone settings, and Telegram server issues. Only by understanding the reasons, can we find the solution to the problem.

1. Network Issues

When the network in your area is not good, it may lead to the inability to receive the verification code when logging into Telegram. To solve this problem, your phone needs to be in a good network environment. You can try changing the network to see if it fixes the problem.

2. Check Phone Settings

Some phones may have built-in SMS blocking functions, so when Telegram sends a message to your phone, it may be mistaken as spam and automatically blocked. Therefore, you need to check the SMS settings on your phone to ensure that Telegram's messages are not mistaken or placed in the blocked folder.

3. Telegram Server

It's important to note that Telegram is not allowed to be used in mainland China. Therefore, in some cases, when you log into your Telegram account in mainland China, you may not receive the verification code, and it's difficult to solve this problem. It is recommended to try logging in from another location.

Can Mainland China Users Log in and Use Telegram?

Due to the restrictions on Telegram in mainland China, it has become a challenge for many Chinese users to log in and use Telegram. How can Chinese users successfully use Telegram? At this time, it is recommended for everyone to learn about third-party clients, such as Turrit, which is not only a third-party client but also the official Chinese version authorized by Telegram, making it easy for mainland Chinese users to use.

Simply download and install the software from the mobile app store, follow the prompts to set it up, enter your Telegram account on the login interface, and you can receive the verification code and log in successfully.

After successful login, you will find that the interface not only matches the official version of Telegram but also displays all languages in Chinese, allowing you to use it easily. In addition, with Turrit's free translation service, you can communicate with other users without barriers.

When using Telegram, if you encounter the problem of not receiving the verification code when logging in, be sure to find the specific reason according to the situation and find the corresponding solution. At the same time, pay attention to the security of your account while using Telegram and guard against potential risks. Successfully solving the login problem will allow you to enjoy the convenience of communication brought by Telegram.