How to unblock Telegram

Feb 20, 2024

Telegram is a very useful chat tool that can also help users meet their global chatting needs. For people in the foreign trade field or those who frequently interact with foreigners, it provides great communication convenience. However, there are rules to follow when using Telegram. If you violate these rules, your account may be at risk of being banned, resulting in the inability to use your Telegram account.


Have you ever encountered the dilemma of your Telegram account being banned while using it? Have you suddenly found yourself unable to log in to your Telegram account? I'm sure many users have experienced such problems. Don't worry, today let's discuss the reasons for Telegram account bans and methods for unblocking your account, helping you continue to use Telegram and enjoy the convenient communication experience it brings.

Reasons for Telegram Account Bans

Before unblocking a Telegram account, we first need to understand the reasons for the account being banned. There are many common reasons for bans, including:

1. Frequent private chats with strangers

Although Telegram is open source and gives users more freedom, if you use one account to privately chat with strangers for a long time, or if your account is a +86 number but you frequently chat privately with non-+86 users, it can lead to your account being banned.

2. Using virtual numbers to register

As Telegram is a foreign communication tool, there are times when it may not be possible to register with a domestic phone number. Some users in China who want to experience the convenience of Telegram but do not have a foreign phone number may opt for a shortcut and use virtual numbers to register, which can also result in their accounts being banned.

3. Violating the Telegram user agreement

In order to allow users to chat freely on Telegram, Telegram also provides a large number of user agreements to ensure the health and safety of the chat environment. If you violate these user agreements while using Telegram, your account can be banned.


Steps to Unblock Telegram

After understanding the reasons for a Telegram account being banned, we can take corresponding unblocking steps based on the specific situation. If your account is banned, you can check the ban notification sent by Telegram to understand the specific reasons for the ban. This can help in carrying out targeted unblocking operations. Below are some simple unblocking methods.

1. Email appeal

You need to send an email to

Email subject: Banned phone number (here you need to fill in your banned phone number, including the area code if necessary)

Email body:

But Telegram says it's banned. Please help.

I need this account it's on my most used number.

App version: fill in your Telegram version

OS version: fill in your mobile operating system version

Device Name: iOS/Android/others

Thank you. (You can directly copy this message to the email or customize the email body based on your needs)

Normally, after sending the email, you may need to wait 3-7 days. If it is not considered a serious violation that led to the ban, you should be able to use your account again after Telegram's official customer service has processed it.

2. X (formerly Twitter) appeal

On X (formerly Twitter), you can directly contact Telegram's official customer service, @smstelegram: Telegram Login Help. You just need to send a direct message providing your account details and wait for the customer service to reply.

When using Telegram, if you want to avoid your account being banned, you may also consider learning about Turrit, a third-party client that comes with a Chinese version. It can help you bypass some restrictions of the official Telegram version, avoiding the situation of your Telegram account being banned and allowing you to have a freer experience with Telegram.