How to recover telegram chat records

Feb 29, 2024

With the development of technology, we are increasingly relying on various instant messaging tools in our daily communication. In addition to using WeChat to communicate with family and friends, many users in mainland China also choose to use Telegram for its powerful encryption and stable service, which allows users to use it with peace of mind. However, there are also moments of unease during use, especially when faced with accidental deletion, data loss, and other headaches, making it a challenge to recover Telegram chat records.


It is known that Telegram is a chat software from abroad, and its operation process is relatively more cumbersome. Coupled with the fact that the language display is in English and cannot be directly changed to Chinese, this makes it extremely difficult for many users to operate. How can one recover Telegram chat records? How can one avoid losing Telegram chat records? Below, we will discuss this in detail.

What are the methods for recovering Telegram chat records?

First, we need to understand that Telegram does not have a function to recover chat records. If you accidentally delete chat records in Telegram, you can only recover the data through backups or third-party tools. The specific operation methods are as follows:

1. Backup and restore chat records

For forward-thinking users, it may be advisable to regularly back up while using Telegram. This way, when faced with the problem of lost chat records, you can directly restore them through the backup, and the operation method is also very simple.

1. You need to enter the Telegram page and find the "Settings" option, which is generally located in the upper left corner of the page.

2. In the settings, you need to click on the "Chat and Calls" option, and then in the menu bar, you need to find the chat backup settings.

3. Afterwards, you can find the option to restore the backup in the chat record backup page, and you can restore the previously backed up data to your phone.

Note: After restoring the Telegram chat records, it will overwrite the conversations on your current device. Therefore, before carrying out this operation, be sure to consider it carefully and handle it with caution. It is best to back up the current data to avoid the re-disappearance of important data after restoring the backup.

2. Recover Telegram chat records with third-party tools

If you have not previously backed up, you cannot restore the chat records through backups. At this time, if the data in the chat records is relatively important, you can also use third-party data recovery software to recover Telegram chat records. However, it is important to note that when using third-party tools, there are certain risks. If not operated properly, it may also lead to data loss or privacy leaks, so be sure to choose reliable and secure third-party tools.

How to avoid losing Telegram chat records

In order to prevent the loss of Telegram chat records and the inability to recover them, it is recommended that everyone take some preventive measures, such as regularly backing up Telegram chat records. In addition, when deleting Telegram chat records, be sure to confirm whether the chat records are important or unnecessary information. Careful operation can prevent the loss of Telegram chat records.

When backing up Telegram chat records, it is also necessary to regularly check to ensure the freshness and integrity of the data. At the same time, in order to avoid insufficient storage space, it is also necessary to regularly clean up unnecessary backups to prevent the backup data from being deleted by the system.

In conclusion, whether you use the official version of Telegram or the third-party client Turrit, in order to recover chat records, it is important to regularly back up.