How to backup data telegram

Feb 29, 2024

When using chat communication tools, do you often back up chat records? Do you save various data in chat software separately? I believe many people would enable the backup function to avoid data loss due to phone damage or loss. The same applies when using Telegram. Only by regularly backing up can you help retrieve important data later.


Regardless of which communication software you use, data backup is important for users. As a communication software that focuses on privacy protection, Telegram can also restore chat records, contact information, and other important data through backup, avoiding data loss due to various reasons. However, many people are not clear on how to back up when using Telegram. The following explains how to back up data in Telegram.

Inventory of Effective Methods for Telegram Data Backup

There are many methods for backing up Telegram data, each with different operational steps. Below we will inventory several commonly used data backup methods:

1. Backup Telegram Data within the Program

Telegram has a data backup function directly in the program.

1. Simply open and log in to the Telegram program on your phone, then find the "Menu" icon on the page, usually located in the upper left corner of the screen, represented by three lines.

2. In the menu bar, select "Settings", then in the dropdown menu, find and click on "Chat settings and calls" on the page.

If you want to back up data to the cloud, directly find "Cloud Backup" on the page, click "Create a Backup Now", and the backup process will start.

3. If you want to back up data to your phone's local storage, you need to click on the "Local Backup" option on the page and create a backup.

4. After the backup is completed, the data can be saved to your phone. Note that for local backup, you must ensure that you have enough available storage space.

2. Third-Party Tool Backup

Currently, there are many third-party backup tools in the market that can help you back up data from Telegram. These tools usually have more powerful functions and greater flexibility. However, when choosing a third-party tool, you must carefully understand its security and reliability to ensure that you do not leak privacy during the data backup process.

Method for Using Third-Party Clients to Backup Telegram Chat Records

In China, not everyone uses the Telegram client. Due to Telegram's English display and inability to directly switch to Chinese, there are many third-party clients in the market to facilitate use for Chinese users, such as Turrit. If you are using a third-party client to log in to your Telegram account, how do you complete the backup?

Actually, backing up data with a third-party client is simpler because it is displayed in Chinese by default. Simply go to the settings page and find the "Chat" option to quickly complete data backup based on the page prompts.

Understanding the method of backing up Telegram data allows you to quickly restore some important content by relying on backup data in case of data loss. If you are unsure how to backup Telegram data, be sure to carefully follow the above operational steps. When using Telegram in daily life, also pay attention to data security, strengthen device security protection, and regularly back up important data.