How to back up Telegram chat records

Feb 29, 2024

After people's way of chatting has undergone earth-shaking changes, the chat records in social applications also carry important memories and communication details. Many times, in order to avoid the disappearance of these chat records, they will also be backed up. As a mainstream social software, Telegram also generates a large number of chat records. So how to backup telegram chat records?


It is well known that Telegram is a relatively well-known international application. Although it is similar to the domestic WeChat, there are still significant differences in its operation, the most obvious of which is the language display. Telegram is displayed entirely in English, and there is no option to switch to Chinese. In contrast, WeChat, as a domestic chat software, is entirely displayed in Chinese, making it more convenient to use. It is precisely because of Telegram's differences that many users are not clear about how to backup telegram chat records. Let's explore the backup methods below.

How to backup telegram chat records

When using Telegram, a large number of chat records will be generated, especially for enterprises, which often use this software to communicate with foreign users, leading to a large amount of commercial information exchange. Once the phone is lost or damaged, these precious information will be permanently lost, so it is very important to regularly backup telegram chat records. There are two common methods for backing up telegram chat records.

First method: through the built-in backup function of Telegram

After opening and logging into your Telegram account, you can see the 'menu' button in the upper left corner of the screen, click on this button, and then you can enter the menu page.

In the menu, select 'Settings' or similar options, and then in the settings interface, find 'Chat History' and click on it.

When you enter the 'Chat History' interface, you can find the settings related to chat records here, where you can find the 'Backup' option. Here, you need to choose the backup location: backup to the cloud or backup to the local device. After choosing the backup location, you can start creating the backup.

By using this backup method, you can backup telegram chat records, media files, and other data to the cloud or local device. Even if the phone is lost or damaged, you can log in to the Telegram account again and easily restore the chat records.

Second method: using third-party backup tools

In addition to the official backup function, you can also use third-party tools to backup telegram chat records, and these tools are usually more flexible and powerful, ensuring the integrity of the backed up data. However, it is important to note that when using third-party backup tools, you must pay attention to the security and privacy of the data, ensure that you choose a reliable backup tool, and follow the correct operation steps to complete the backup.

Can Turrit log in to Telegram to backup chat records?

For the convenience of chatting with others using Telegram, many users in China choose Turrit as a third-party client, which can display a Chinese interface, allowing domestic users to have a clearer understanding of the displayed content. But can Turrit backup chat records? The answer is yes.

Turrit is a third-party software authorized by Telegram, all its features are consistent with the official version, and the update speed can also be maintained consistently. Therefore, when you want to backup chat records in Turrit, you can directly follow the operation steps of the official version to complete it.

The above are the steps for backing up telegram chat records. If you want to save important data in Telegram through backup, you may as well follow the above methods.