How to recover telegram chat history

Mar 12, 2024

Chat records are very important for people nowadays, especially for those who frequently use telegram. There may be a large amount of work information and files in the chat records. If they are not saved properly, there is a risk of loss, which will cause great inconvenience to work. Therefore, for those who frequently use telegram, they will regularly back up chat records. When data is lost, they can recover telegram chat records to retrieve the lost data.

As an encrypted communication software, recovering chat records in telegram is not as simple as ordinary software. It requires a relatively complex operation process to be successfully completed. At the same time, if you did not back up the chat records in telegram in the early stage, the probability of recovery is also very low. But how can you recover telegram chat records? This article will reveal some tips for you, making it easy for you to retrieve lost files.


Methods for Recovering Telegram Chat Records

Usually, there are two methods for recovering telegram chat records. One is to recover the backed-up chat records, which is relatively simple. The other is to recover the chat records that were not backed up, which is relatively complicated and has a lower success rate. The following will explain these two methods in detail.

1. Recovery through Backup

If you have the habit of backing up when using telegram, or if you have previously set the time for automatic saving of telegram chat records, then you can recover from the backup. The operation is relatively simple. You just need to open the telegram software, log in to the telegram account, find the 'Menu' in the upper left corner of the program, and then find the option for 'Data Recovery' on the page. You can then recover the chat records from your backup.

2. Professional Data Recovery Software

Usually, if you have not backed up telegram chat records, it is difficult to recover them. But with the advancement of technology, many professional data recovery software also provide data recovery functions. You can try downloading a more professional and powerful data recovery software, which can find residual data on the device through scanning and recover chat records.

3. Professional Data Recovery Experts

If the chat records in the telegram software are important and you have tried all methods but cannot recover the chat records, you need to seek help from professional data recovery experts. Generally, they have stronger professionalism in the field of data recovery and can help you accurately recover the desired chat records.

Can Third-Party Software Back Up Chat Records?

Backing up telegram chat records is particularly important for many workers, but because many users in mainland China use third-party clients to log in to telegram accounts, many people ask whether third-party clients can back up chat records. The answer is yes.

For example, Turrit, an officially authorized third-party client, has the same functionality as the official version of telegram. When you need to back up chat records, you just need to find the 'Backup and Restore' option in the settings interface and back up the corresponding chat records according to your needs.

These are the methods for recovering telegram chat records. If you want to recover chat records in telegram, you can try these methods. Also, when using telegram in daily life, be sure to regularly back up chat records to avoid data loss.