How to back up and export chat history in Telegram

Mar 12, 2024

Telegram has always been a very good chat software, and its functionality has always been popular with users. When using telegram, regularly backing up telegram chat records can effectively prevent data loss caused by phone damage or loss, allowing users to use telegram more freely.

It is important to note that telegram is highly secure and also has strong privacy, ensuring that chat records between users are not stolen by third parties. However, this does not mean that we can use it with complete peace of mind, without worrying about the loss of chat records. In order to better protect our chat records, many people choose to export the chat records to another location for backup. But how does telegram export chat records? Let's find out the method of backing up telegram chat records.


How to export telegram chat records

Exporting chat records from telegram, in simple terms, is to back up chat records, which can be backed up to the cloud or to the computer. Depending on the backup location, the method of exporting chat records also varies. When you need to export telegram chat records, you can try the following two methods.

Method One: Export to the cloud

1. After opening the telegram application and logging in to the telegram account, you can see the